Daredevil season 3 review

We were originally given three assignments for our comics journalism course. Then it was cut down to two, but I only managed to do one. And the one I did could still use some polishing. Occasionally, I think I got a bit carried away with one of my brushes, I was planning to tone that done a bit. Also, I had such big plans for the opening panel! Here’s the original as scanned images anyway. A review of the Netflix series Daredevil, season 3.

Paper: A3, Bristol

First page. The middle panel on the bottom row is my favourite!
Second page. Here I e.g. tried to capture the hectic prison escape / fight scene. Also, as a display of Fisk’s brilliant mind, he’s solving the Finnish health care reform in his head.

New course: comics journalism

Started today with small drawing exercise. Here’s a caricature of my coursemate!

We were given three assignments for the course.

  • A review
  • An interview
  • Data visualization

I have a few ideas in mind, we’ll see how it goes!

Caricature drawing

More Tintin Star Wars

Finally! Here’s my extra assignment, with colours. You can find the script after the images.




The hangar is buzzing with the last minute activity as the
pilots and crewmen alike make their final adjustments. The
hum of activity is occasionally trespassed by the distorted
voice of the loudspeaker issuing commands. Coupling hoses
are disconnected from the ships as they are fueled. Cockpit
shields roll smoothly into place over each pilot. A signalman,
holding red guiding lights, directs the ships. Luke, a trace
of a smile gracing his lips, peers about through his goggles.

Luke, the Force will be with you.

Luke is confused at the voice and taps his headphones.


All that can be seen of the fortress is a lone guard standing
on a small pedestal jutting out above the dense jungle. The
muted gruesome crying sounds that naturally permeate this
eerie purgatory are overwhelmed by the thundering din of ion
rockets as four silver starships catapult from the foliage
in a tight formation and disappears into the morning cloud


The princess, Threepio, and a field commander sit quietly
before the giant display showing the planet Yavin and its
four moons. The red dot that represents the Death Star moves
ever closer to the system. A series of green dots appear
around the fourth moon. A din of indistinct chatter fills
the war room.

Stand-by alert. Death Star
approaching. Estimated time to firing
range, fifteen minutes.


The Death Star slowly moves behind the massive yellow surface
of Yavin in the foreground, as many X-wing fighters flying
in formation zoom toward us and out of the frame.


Finally scanned the pages of my latest (extra assignment that I’ve been ignoring). Still need to do the colouring, though.

I hope England loses tomorrow so I can tweet stupid Brexit jokes.

The Belgian newspaper dude attacking the gigantic Jabulani.
The Belgian newspaper dude attacking the gigantic Jabulani.